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Published receipts

A full itemised breakdown of expenses in the four years covering 2004/05 onwards is now available online following the application of Freedom of Information. Some details, for example staff addresses, are redacted. The following is an explanatory note.


The most recent details of my expenses claims (since May 2010) can be found on the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) website.

Staff Salaries

By far the largest item is the payment of staff salaries which are paid and administered by the House of Commons Fees Office. There are two full time and three part time constituency based staff, paid for under Commons expenses. The expenses limit is fully utilised reflecting the work load, the number of staff required, the quality of staff and the extra cost of employment in London.

Office Costs

The Administrative and Office Expenditure Allowance is used for rent and rates in Twickenham and utility bills. The claims reflect high London costs and in most years there has been a shortfall paid by the MP. Since the employment of a political organiser over the last year, jointly by the MP and the councillors, a deduction, agreed by the Fees Office, is made from the rental space claim for his part time use of a room and storage space.

Second Home and Additional Cost Allowance

The MP makes no claims and has no second home in Westminster although until May 2009 this was available to Outer London MPs.

The MP has since 2004-05 claimed the London supplement (£2,812 in 2007-08).


A second class season ticket to commute from Twickenham to Waterloo.

Some mileage for local constituency travel.

Communications Allowance

This allowance was introduced in 2007-08 to deal with the postage cost of mailings, publications and equipment required for communication with the electorate. It is only used for specific purposes in Twickenham, notably office equipment.

All general distribution literature (Report Backs; Christmas Cards) is fully paid for by the MP or, if party political, by Twickenham Liberal Democrats.

Additional Costs Allowance (ACA)

No claim

Incidental Expenses Provision (IEP)

Rent/Rates: £14,079.59

Telephone: £663.15

Photo copying: £202.31

Stationery: £459.91

Utilities: £319.97

Communications budget

Equipment leased: £2,071.72

Equipment purchased: £922.23

Website: £105.00

Stationery: £438.90

Staffing Allowance

Personnel (2 full-time and 4 part-time): £90,383.73

Link to entry in Register of Members' Interests

No directorships or consultancies. All remunerations relate to writing and speaking engagements.

2008/2009 Financial Year

  • Advance payment for book, "The Storm", from Grove Atlantic, publishers. £10,300
  • Payments for columns in the Mail on Sunday - roughly 2 to 3 hours per week. £13,500 (of which some donated to the Twickenham Lib Dems)
  • Speaking engagement, KPMG - roughly 3 to 4 hours. £8,000 (donated in full to Twickenham Lib Dems)
  • Various newspaper features and other media (e.g. Any Questions). £1,600

From July 1st

  • Royalties from publications, particularly "The Storm" from Grove Atlantic, publishers. Depends on sales.
  • Mail on Sunday column (short term contact) - roughly 2 to 3 hours per week. £1,200 to £1,500 per week (depending on length)
  • Very occasional commercial speaking engagements. No fee accepted (donations made to charity)